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Sydney Open—I Love It

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This weekend is Sydney Open Weekend.

I’ve been for three of the five years it’s been on, and I definitely would have been going this year.

Sadly, due to COVID, Sydney Open isn’t able to be held as usual. There will be self-guided tours, as well as some online talks and virtual tours. You can read more here:


Each year I download the app and the map, and plan out what buildings to see. Those of you who know me will have no problem believing that I always dramatically underestimate the time required to see each building... Bad Stephen! But I still love the planning, and reading about all the buildings, especially the new ones.

Also, I only have a small camera (not a nice full-frame SLR 😢), so I have to get a bit creative and use long exposures, exposure bracketing, and a tripod.

I’ve had a brief look at the old photos today. Let’s just say that my photographic skills are still in the learning stage... some of them are grainy, or didn’t fit in the frame (it’s only a small camera with a limited zoom), and some were of the “what did I take that photo for” category...

I’ve selected a few of the better ones, and when I get a bot more time I’ll upload a few more, plus I’ll come back and add my opinions about which are the best buildings to see.

SPOILER ALERT: 50 Martin Place should be on your list—beautiful building, clever redevelopment, and the staff do a brilliant job of being polite and helpful, but also keeping things running smoothly.

Arup, 264 George Street

Art Installation — Arup, 264 George St
Arup, 264 George St

Allens, 126 Phillip St

Sydney Harbour, the Calyx, and the Domain — taken from Allens, 126 Phillip St

50 Martin Place

The beautiful roof of the old Commonwealth Bank — 50 Martin Place
The incredible open space inside the Macquarie Bank — 50 Martin Place
Oh the horror! It’s me on the roof! Where’s Fay Raye? - 50 Martin Place

NSW Parliament House

NSW Parliament House
There’s an extraordinary fountain by Robert Woodward inside Parliament House. Wow!

Sydney Open and the Great Ramen Quest...

Spice Alley, Kensington St, Chippendale, with fellow photographer Montgomery Phoenix

Spice Alley, Kensington St, Chippendale, with fellow photographer Montgomery Phoenix.

Good Ramen
Best bowl of Ramen I’ve ever had!
Matcha milkshake - YUM!
Super spicy fried chicken, bean salad, and macaroni — just WOW!

1 Shelley St

1 Shelley St

St James’ Church, 173 King St

Childrens Chapel, St James’ Chruch

King St Court Complex


Sydney really is beautiful - this is Hyde Park, with so many shades of green...
Well, some of Sydney is perhaps not so beautiful - scary echoes and long tunnels at St James Station
O’Connell St

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House

The Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and enjoying the afternoon sun.
Sydney Opera House - superb!
Harbour Twilight—I only meant to stay a while... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqNHb3BFwIM
Sydney Harbour Bridge — OK, I cheated here - this one is from Sydney Vivid (Bad Stephen!)

All photos taken and © by Stephen Walter

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