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Stephen Walter

Free Poster: Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit

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My ‘noteworthy’ gift to all music students!

Here’s a free, full-page poster to help you remember your notes.

Click here to download:


I made this chart a few years ago.

I never released it, as I wasn’t perfectly happy with it (uh oh, now you know a bit about me).


In the future, here’s what will change...

  1. I’m going to include treble and bass clef symbols and staves.
  2. I thought the photo I chose for FACE was humourous: many people have told me I was incredibly mistaken! So... a new photo for FACE.
  3. The “Grizzly Bears Don’t Fly Aeroplanes” should run UP the page (since the notes GBFDA go UP the stave), rather than DOWN. Ditto for “All Cows Eat Grass”.


But right now, with everyone around the world staying isolated, and so many students trying their best to practise and master their notes, I just hope that this chart is helpful!

Please enjoy it!

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Have fun, keep safe, be positive, and enjoy some music!



Stephen Walter


(C) Blue Mountains Piano School

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