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Sight Reading is an integral part of exams, but even if you’re NOT doing exams, it makes it makes learning new pieces, or playing in a band, or composing and improvising, so much easier!

Sight Reading Factory (SRF) is a brilliant app for improving your sight reading.

It's also handy because you don’t need an iPad — it runs on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and yes, iPad.

How Does It Work?

Start by choosing your level

SRF will show you what rhythms and notation will turn up in your practise piece for each level.

Then, choose a Time Signature

The RANDOM option is usually the best if you’d like to learn the most!

Next, a Key Signature

Again the RANDOM option is sensible. At Level 1, you will have just C major, G major, and F major (so a maximum of just one sharp or one flat).

Since this is Level 6... Ouch!

Now, choose you own trickiness options (oops, I meant fun options!)

My favourite is the “Disappearing Bars” option!

And now, SRF will create some music to your exact specifications...

You can hear it, you can record yourself, you can change the tempo, and you can have the notes disappear as you play (forcing you to continue, just as in a real life band or orchestra).

It’s usually $50 a year (US$35).


Students can have it FOR FREE!

I’m so impressed by how much improvement I've seen in students who regularly use it, that I’ve bought a license for every one of my students.

Because of the cost I’m limiting licenses to one per family.

If you would like to use this for FREE, simply send me the music email you want to use, and within a day or two I’ll email you the login details.

The time to start practising your sight reading is NOW, since the exams are getting closer every day...



A step-by-step exam guide, with setup hints for each level, will be available on this blog soon.

For More Information About Sight Reading Apps and Books...

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If you need any help or advice, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me, or call me on 4751-6196.




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