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Stephen Walter

Music For Rest & Relaxation #1

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Sometimes you need to sit back and think, meditate, or pray.

Sometimes you just need to unwind from COVID stress.

For this you need music that’s beautiful and calm (although I find sometimes a bit darker helps me too).

Here are some of my favourite pieces for this purpose.

There are no lyrics in these pieces (although there are voices!). Don’t get me wrong: I love songs with lyrics, but I find my attention being pulled away from my own thoughts to concentrating on the lyrics.


To save you effort, there’s a full playlist of these songs on my YouTube channel, so you can listen to them uninterrupted:


Here are the individual pieces...

Please remember: these tracks are chosen for the calm music, not the video.

Grusin: On Golden Pond (CPO/Kunzel)

Beethoven: Romance Cantabile (PO/Chung)

Snow: Midnight Arctic Walk from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (OST)


Glass: Facades (LCO/Warren-Green)


Morricone: Act Of Faith from Bugsy (OST)

Doldinger: Erinnerung from Das Boot (OST)

Snow: Substitute Wife (OST)

Snow: Love Theme from Conundrum (OST)

Newman: Whisper Of A Thrill from Meet Joe Black (OST)

Horner: Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics from A Beautiful Mind (OST)

Shostakovich: Andante from Piano Concerto Nr 2 (NYPO/Bernstein)

Stravinsky: Lullaby from Firebird (BP/Rattle)

Tangerine Dream: Movements Of A Visionary

Holst: Neptune from The Planets (RPO/Handley)


I hope you enjoy my list, and find it useful.


I have two other lists that I regularly use myself.

If the feedback is good, I’ll post those too!


Stephen Walter

Blue Mountains Piano School