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We’re a boutique, personal music school in Springwood, in the beautiful Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney, Australia.



We’re not a music factory, with ten tiny studios all noisily running at once, a drum lesson on one side, and violin distractingly on the other.

We offer just one large, sound-proof teaching room, with plenty of room for parents (following COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines), a waiting room, and a practise room.

New, top model Roland pianos, Apple Logic Pro X, Rhythm Cup games, and music from Baroque to Rock!

The studio is so roomy, we can fit up to 40 chairs for recitals, concerts, and workshops.

We hold several small, short concerts a year - great for families with young siblings!

And happily, lots of technology and equipment so that you can try performing, composing, and recording (without having to pay for different “levels” of lessons).

If you’d like to record or compose, we can help you!

You won’t have one teacher one moment, and a different teacher the next.

Stephen has been teaching for over 30 years, and thrives on encouraging students to develop their skills.

Online lessons

Our online lessons use the best technology (Meetfox, rather than Zoom or Google Meet) that’s super easy to use.

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If you’re in the Blue Mountains, and want personal lessons, you can phone us:


Or, if you’d like more information, or if you’d like online lessons, please contact us here:



We usually get back to you within a day.

Thank you!