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Stephen Walter

Creative Kids: The Government Pays You $100 To Learn Piano!

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Creative Kids Vouchers Save You $100

Simply get your voucher from the Service NSW website, send the voucher to me, and save $100 off your piano fees.

You can register and get your voucher here:





I'm happily on-board with any Government offer to save parents money. I hope they boost it to two vouchers a year (like sports...)

Here's what to do:

1. Please send me a screenshot or pdf of the voucher. Please include DOB.

The voucher has a ridiculously and unnecessarily long 16 digit number (why do Governments offer things, and then make it so hard to apply to get them?). Sending a screenshot or pdf makes submitting the voucher number easier.

The vouchers don't include the DOB, but this is needed for approval. Please just include it in your email.

2. I will submit the paperwork, and when I have an approval, I'll email you ASAP.

3. Pay your invoice minus your $100 voucher (or $200 for two students etc)

That's it! Save $100!

If you'd like to know more about Creative Kids vouchers; or if you have a voucher to submit; or you have some questions...

Just email me here:


Have fun, keep safe, be positive, and enjoy some music!



Stephen Walter


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