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Concert 2020: Mask Required!

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Poor Parents!

COVID has meant that you’ve missed out on seeing every concert, play, and school sports event your child has participated in this year.

But don’t worry—Piano is here to save the day!

Multi-Concert Day is Sunday 22 November.

Remember: we welcome performers of all ages! In previous years, we’ve had four-year olds, as well as adults (and two grandmothers). We’ve also had Mother-Son and sibling-sibling duets (really good fun!)




Here are all the details...

Concert 2020: Coping Calmly In A COVID Crisis

How Our Concerts Normally Work...

You can read about our usual concerts here:


This Year Will Have A Few Differences...

First: we can’t hold concerts in my studio.

Some students pay over $100 a term extra to attend lessons in less-equipped rooms at other schools, with an itinerant teacher, surrounded by many other students in neighbouring rooms noisily learning drums and electric guitar at the same time that they’re trying to concentrate on piano.

The rooms are so small that during COVID, parents can’t sit in on lessons or even enter the studio, but have to wait in the cold at night in their car:

Some other music studio — not mine!

We’re really blessed to have such a large, flexible, and well-equipped studio, which we can convert to a concert or workshop venue:

Our studio is so big it’s COVID rated for 8 people at once!

Unfortunately, this still isn’t enough for a concert during COVID...

The Solution: A Hall!

We have very kindly been provided with a wonderful hall, large enough that we can hold several concerts.

When Is It?

Sunday 22 November

There will be several concerts between 1pm and 5pm.

What Do I Need To Know?

The biggest difference this year will be clothing (bet you didn’t guess that!)

Firstly, because we’re going to a hall, I thought it might be nice to dress up.

Dressing up is completely optional. However, I can tell you that one of the performers will be singing (I will be playing piano while he sings), and he (and I) would like to pretend we’re at a jazz concert with Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, so I’ll be wearing a bow tie (for the first time in my entire life!)

I’m also fine if you want to wear cosplay, like a Star Wars outfit if you’re playing “Imperial March” or “Princess Leia’s Theme” for example (or something satisfactory just for fun!)

I hope I mentioned that this is optional!

Second: due to COVID, and Government advice, everyone will need a mask.

I have mine ready to go!

Other Details...

1. The Concerts will hopefully run for around 35-45 minutes.

2. Each performer can play one or two pieces.

3. There will be a certificate, but I’ll present it in class the next week (sorry, time and COVID safety plan...)

4. Performers should attach their music to cardboard, or a manilla folder, or use a RondoFile (very cool!)

This stops your music from falling off the piano while you play, and also prevents reflection from plastic sleeves in folder.

5. Don’t forget to use Dynamics (louds and softs) as appropriate. Dynamics make your music come to life with expression!

6. Remind me if you need to change sounds or use a backing (on Concert Day my brain might suffer overload—a little prompting is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged!)

7. I’m hoping to have an encouragement form system in place (but passing clipboards fails the COVID checklist, so I’ll need to give this some more thought - ideas appreciated!)

8. Bring bottled water (or a small thermos of tea or coffee) as we won’t be able to provide refreshments due to COVID.

Donation For Sponsor Student And School

Due to the very generous venue owner, the concerts will still be FREE!

However, due to COVID, there won’t be the usual cakes and coffee fundraising (I know, I’m very sad too!).

I’m requesting that families donate to our sponsor child and the school they attend, the Katoke-Lweru School in Tanzania.


Last year we raised $297!

I will match the donation to give to the venue owner.

I’ll also cover public liability and COVID costs etc.

That's it!


If you need any help or advice, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me, or call me on 4751-6196.



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