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Challenge 1: Note Rush

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Get ready for the challenge!

Our First Lock-Down Challenge!

Most of you will have Note Rush, Thomas Grayston’s fantastic sight-reading app.

It’s only $6 (1/3 the price of a pack of flashcards), it’s interactive, it has seasonal themes, it supports MIDI...

I like it!

If you don’t have it, you can get it for Apple iPhone and iPad here:


And you can get it for Android here:


Simply sit your iPhone or iPad on your piano, and it listens to your answers! You're competing only against yourself, and it has numerous options and levels. Fabulous!



OK, So What Do I Do?


On the device that has NoteRush installed, just click this link:



Or, you can scan this QR code...



In the bottom left corner you should see a pencil icon labelled “My Level Card”:



You can choose to make it a bit easier for practise...

Simply tap on the “Settings” button, and then tap on “Penalize Incorrect Guesses” so that it goes dark...

But for the challenge, make sure it’s back on!

For now, you have the holidays to practise.

The goal is to get the fastest speed!

I have to find some prizes that can be used online (any suggestions?).


I’ll update this page by the end of the holidays!


Dinosaurs... Why did I write this? Find out soon...

For more information, or to enquire about lessons, you can contact us here:


Have fun, keep safe, be positive, and enjoy some music!



Stephen Walter


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